Allycia Helen Rodriguez

Muay Thai

ONE Championship World Champion


🥇🥇 Two-times champion Cearense

🥇 Portuários Stadium Championship 

🥇 High kick Championship

🥇 Sip Sam Tournament Champion 

🥇 Miracle Festival World Champion 

 🏆3x ONE championship World Champion


Gina Contel

BJJ Fighter

Weedness CBD oils have greatly reduced my overall anxiety and stress levels. I like to use the Warm Up Sports Gel before training. It has helped me prevent muscle cramps and soreness due to poor pre-workout preparation.


2011 🥇European

2015 🥇World Pro Abu Dhabi

2016 🥉World , 🥇🥇🥇Spanish National , 🥇🥇Asian Open

2017 🥈World No-Gi, 🥉European

2018 🥇World Masters, 🥉European, 🥇World No-Gi, 🥇🥇🥇🥇 Spanish National

2019 🥇🥈World No-Gi, 🥇World Masters, 🥈Europan , 🥉European No-Gi, 🥈Brazilian National

2020 🥇 European Master

2023 🥇 European Master, 🥇ADCC Spain


Nayanesh Ayman

Muay Thay, K1 Fighter

The products are incredible, especially the anti-inflammatory creams before and after my workouts and the recovery oil at night.


Profesional Muay Thai:

Total Fights 89, 66 Wins (30KO) 7 Draws, 16 Lost

🥇European K1

🥇Spanish Champion K1 and Muay Thai

2018🥇Clash of Titans KLF 63


Tamara Toros

BJJ Fighter

The best option to reduce stress and anxiety! High quality products with amazing results. I love that there are several flavors and options available to choose from.


2019 🥇European kids IBJJF

2020 🥇European Juvenile 1 Champion IBJJF

2021 🥇 UAE Nationals Juvenile Champion UAEJJF

2021 🥇 Brazilian Nationals Juvenile 2 Champion CBJJF

2021 🥇 AJP Portugal UAEJJF, 2021 🥇World IBJJF, 2021 🥇World Pro Champion

2022 🥇European IBJJF, 2022 🥇 Pan American Champion, 2022 🥇Dublin Open,

2022🥇Brasilian Champion, 2022🥇🥇🥇London Open GI, NO GI Champion, 

2022 🥇Word Pro Champion, 2022 🥇London Gran Slam Champion

2023 🥇 AJP Abu Dhabi, 2023 🥇JJIF World Champion, 2023 🥇 Kimura Champion,

2023 🥇 European NO GI IBJJF






John Jader

Box Pro

I am very happy with these products, optimal results for both muscles and rest, I recommend it to anyone who does sports or leads a busy life.John Jader


PRO Boxing: 9 Fights 9 Wins 5(KO)

🏅4Years in the Spain Selection

🏆Récord Spanish K1 : 40 Fights 39 Wins

3x🥇Spanish Champion

🥇1 World Boxing Championship

2016🥇Spanish K1 Champion

2018 🥇Campion of Boxam



Gustavo Galvao

BJJ Fighter

I had hip replacement surgery 6 months ago, CBD oil is helping me a lot with my recovery. The scar healed perfectly and in the second week I was doing my first physiotherapy sessions thanks to the healing effect of CBD. I have had the injury for many years and already had several surgeries before, but the experience with the oil in my last intervention was completely different for the better. I highly recommend! Thank you so much Weedness CBD I am very happy with my recovery.


2004 🥇(por equipes) Brasil CBJJ

2007 🥇Panamericano CBJJE

2009 🥉CBJJE

2012 🥇Brazilian team European

2016 🥇Asian Open IBJJF

2017 🥇🥇🥇🥉Germany National, 🥈British National

2018 🥉European IBJJF, 🥇🥇Spanish National


Multiple times European Opens Champion


Mikel Fernandez

Muay Thay

When I prepare for every competition my training is extremely hard and thanks to WEEDNESS CBD products my recovery is much faster and more complete. Thanks to the team for always take care of me and my body.


🥇Champion Rajmadamnern Stadium

🥇Champion IFMA

🥇Champion Combats Games

🥇 3 x Spanish Champion

🥇Champion FEKM


Fabyury Freitas

BJJ Fighter

Best product to improve my performance. Im using the products of WEEDNESS CBD to improve my sleep and recovery and can say that they are great. Thanks a lot to the team!


🥇European Champion

🥇2 x European Champion No-GI

🥇Pan American No-GI

🥇World No-Gi


Lara Fernandez

Muay Thai

I am currently using the gummies, muscle creams, cosmetics and oils. The first time I tried the gummies in Thailand, I couldn't sleep for a few days and it was amazing because when I took them, I slept through the night! The same thing happened with the oil. I had tried CBD before but I didn't feel any effect and with the Weedness products it was completely different.


2019 🥇 ISKA K1 World Champion


2019 🥇Spanish Muay Thai Champion FEKM


2020 🥇WBC Muay Thai World Champion


2021 🥉Bronze IFMA MUAY THAI Bronze medalist


⭐️Current ONE Championship professional fighter⭐️